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Нет такой идеи, такого факта, которого бы нельзя было опошлить и представить в смешном виде./Федор Достоевский/


Европейские университеты


Dear Sirs!

John W A Netting It is a pleasure for me to recommend this new edition of European Universities.

Apart from my own personal connections with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, going back over 30 years, I have also had the privilege to work here in the UK with students from those countries.

In my experience, students who study here in the UK enjoy and benefit from the unique learning and social experiences that can only be offered by a British university.

As we wetness the rapid globalization of formal education with the attendant multicultural student intakes, it would be nice to think that students from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus formed a significant proportion of such intake, and were able to participate in, and benefit from, that unique experience that I believe can offer here.

John W A Netting,
Senior Lecturer,
Oxford Brookes University

Oxford, 2003

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